Put Your Best Voice Forward

Your voice is your unique key to reaching your audience successfully and effectively - whether it's an audience of one or hundreds.

We'll work on these important aspects of vocal delivery:

  • Voice placement, tone, and pitch
  • Projection and pacing
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Body language and posture
  • Maintaining a healthy voice

Voice coaching can help speakers as early as high school age. Taking part in your school's radio or TV broadcast program? Interviewing for colleges or jobs? Make an excellent impression with your clear, confident speaking voice, good grammar and proper body language.

You'll also work on


  • Improving your articulation and diction
  • Taming an accent - regional or foreign
  • Gaining confidence to get up and speak
  • Interview skills
  • Writing so your delivery is clear and conversational
  • Writing and speaking to a specific audience
  • Preparing sales presentations & speeches
  • Finding and developing your own personal style of delivery
  • Stretching comfort zones